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November 22, 2011

Sons of Anarchy S4E12- Burnt and Purged Away

by Own the Shows

Tuesday night a 9pm means two things to me,  Sons of Anarchy which in turn makes me sit on the edge of my seat with my butt clinched for an hour! Tonight was no different as the most intense season of SOA hit an all time high with the penultimate episode before the two-part season finale. The implosion of SAMCRO has been coming all season long , tonight we finally saw it….

This may be a busy night for us here at OTS, I’m sure Dearing will no doubt want to put in his two or three cents on this show tonight and I absolutely can’t blame him for that. So all you SOA fans out there may have a lot to read tonight!  Let’s get started.

My man Linc Potter made set up his big move this week as we saw more of Juice the rat and Otto turning on the club from prison. At the very beginning we see the Irish Kings arrive in Charming and meet the club. After setting up the meeting with The Cartel immediately , we learn that Juice almost immediately relayed the info back to Potter. I must admit I laughed out loud at the first shot of Linc(Ray McKinnon) in this episode as he is on an inversion table hanging upside down smoking a cigarette. Potter sets a plan in motion to raid the Irish Kings/SOA/Cartel summit and then moves onto phase 2: Otto and Bobby Munson.  Bobby goes to the prison to deliver the news that they have finally killed Georgie Carusso and is ambushed by the fact that Otto has turned on the club and Bobby is taken into custody. We see a brief shot of Bobby being taken into federal holding where Juice is and for a split second are made to believe that they are put into the same cell but they aren’t , they are right next to each other without realizing the other is there.

Tara seemed to come back to her normal self last week after her screaming tirade in which she re broke her hand. Jax and Tara set up a plan to leave Charming once and for all in just two short days. Tara’s hospital room was full of visitors tonight as she received tense visits from Gemma and Clay both. I do think that Gemma truly cares for Tara in her own twisted way of thinking she knows best. The visit from Clay on the other hand had  a very different tone. Last week’s trailer for this episode gave you the distinct feeling that Clay was going to make an attempt to kill Tara himself. Clay instead tried an intimidation and almost threat tactic instead,  He had a very calm conversation with Tara trying to reason with her. Clay tried to convince Tara that if she played it his way that he would let her and Jax leave town peacefully. If not then he fears that they will be stuck in Charming forever. No doubt trying  to make an illusion that if she doesn’t play ball he will be forced to do something. Speaking of good ole Clay Morrow he was a major player in a truly shocking ending tonight,  more on that in a minute.

That brings me to the biggest piece of tonight’s episode and that would be with Justin’s favorite character on the show Opie. We all know that last week Opie found Piney and learned that in fact Clay himself murdered Piney. So you knew tonight that Opie was on a mission to put Clay down this week but did we honestly think it was going to happen?? Opie begins by going and seeing Gemma who tries to lead Opie off Clay’s trail but Opie isn’t phased by it. Then we see that Unser is helping Opie dispose of Piney’s body by Cremating him. In what I thought was a very tragic but kind of beautiful scene we see Opie standing by and watching his father be cremated while holding his kutte. Jax arrives to be by Opie’s side and we see Opie toss Piney’s kutte into the fire. They both stand there and watch it burn , there was a lot of symbolism in that burning kutte to me. It seemed as an acknowledgement that SAMCRO as it began is dead and also kind of acknowledgement that this club will never be the same.  I’m going to take a quick detour before I break down the amazing final scene.

So we saw Gemma in a sense switch sides again tonight to back Clay. After finding out that Opie knows the truth about Piney , she tries to convince Unser to talk Opie out of killing him. She also goes so far as to warn Clay that Opie is looking to settle a score both for his Dad and now Donna the second person Clay took from Opie. Katie Segal does an amazing job each week as Gemma and I felt like I had a pretty good read on Gemma untill tonight’s episode. Gemma issued a line tonight that has left me wondering what she means when she said ” I’m just trying to protect what I’ve built for the last 20 years.” I am left with two possibilities : 1. In some twisted arrogant way does Gemma really see herself as the head of SAMCRO? 2. Is she talking about Jax and that she has spent twenty years building Jax into the man who John wasn’t and Clay wasn’t either. Very interested to see if they expound on that with the final two episodes. Now onto the final scene…….

So after the burning of Piney’s kutte we go outside of the funeral home and Opie pulls a gun on Jax , more or less accusing Jax of being complicit and signing off on Piney’s murder since he has had Clay’s back lately. After seeing the true devastation in Jax’s eyes Opie realizes he didn’t know but puts a bullet in one of the tires on Jax’s bike to slow him down or prevent him from stopping Opie from killing Clay. We then see Opie take off for the Clubhouse and Clay as Jax does whatever he can to keep up including driving a hearse and stealing someones bike. Clay is sitting in his seat at the table waiting on Opie , but Opie busts through the doors in an eerily similar manner to how Clay did Piney and gets Clay at gun point. Clay makes a feeble attempt to talk Opie out of it , but Opie is not believing and forces Clay to sit down. Jax busts through the door holding Opie at gun point threatening to kill Opie in a final attempt to protect Clay and take this to the club. Jax begs Opie to stop and just when you think he is going to and this will all end peacefully Opie turns his head and PUTS TWO INTO CLAY!!!!! I have to be honest I have been eluding to this for weeks that I just can’t see Clay making it out of this season but I was truly shocked at how he went!! What an excellent curveball provided by the staff of Sutter Inc and the great Kurt Sutter. We end tonight’s episode with a look of sheer shock and awe on Jax’s face the same look that most of us had watching.

This has been a very long post , so I wanna try to wrap up by taking an inventory of where were at leading into the season finale. 2 members are in federal custody , it appears the government is about to take them down once and for all and now your President has just been murdered by a member. I know we say this every year but Seriously! How can they make it out of all this? We haven’t found out for a fact yet that Clay is dead although next week’s trailer definitely alludes to that fact. So now Jax has the reigns and the club is in complete disarray I just don’t see Charming’s favorite son getting out of there like he has planned all season. I think we finally may have seen the thing that keeps Jax Teller in Charming forever.

I want to end tonight by saying that if this was indeed the end for Clay Morrow , even though he deserved to go I will miss the character. The great Ron Perlman did a masterful job as Clay and his great acting will be missed on this show. WOW!!! I can’t wait till next Tuesday and part 1 of the season finale.  Is it Tuesday night at 9 again yet??

~Big Dawg


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